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To be an army

Eugene Jackson was twenty years old, he’d lied about his age and join the army at sixteen, his family, I’m sure, got a telegram from war-department, saying he died here on one important mission what was help won the war. In fact Eugene lost his life on a stretcher in a dank base named Hageno. Crying out agley while his friends looked on helplessly. He was just one more sacrificial at that war that supposes to be all be over.

– Band of Brother

Times my father ask me to enter a famous university of army like Huanpu Army University or even WestPoint. Times I said "no way" and explain that it is too boring to be an army, anyhow I hate killing and scared get killed. “May be my future should be peaceful I think, fight will never appear on my way.” My father said nothing and let me choose the college which I like.

Now everything goes well, I was waiting for my college entrance informer, of course there was no army university on my plan, there is a day I may become an architecture designer, but not a soldier.

Watching the “Band of Brothers” takes me back to the time 1998 when I first met “Saving Private Ryan”. There is no change about the face of the film; it is the “Spielberg style”. You can see every shot clearly across the air just like lightning, hear the sound when it goes near by, and hear the sound of the bomb, the exploding, the gun, the cry of the army…every thing is so real.

But the realer it makes, the more we could feel scared, feel the pain of the war it makes.

Some said “peace comes from war” I don’t believe it, but now I think I understand a little bit on this. I remembered when the real soldier said that “…we all love peace and hope to live in a quiet place…but…when you saw the enemy come into our homeland, you know, you got to fight with them, it is…different, just…different, most of the army are all voluntary, some men even cut themselves when they can’t join the army.”.

Life for a human is such a big thing that nothing could be bigger than it, but in the war it is lost and found everywhere. A soldier may talk to you and show you his girl’s photo today, the other day, he is dead. A solider plays a game with Azrael using his life, the death will come at any time, anywhere, even when he didn’t realize, a shot, a bomb, a piece of exploding…may take you to the hell. But a soldier has to face all of it, no way for flinch, no way for loser. A lieutenant said “a dread is our first enemy; it is destructive, epidemical…”

But a solider is honorable, when we have dinner with all family, when we play games, when we enjoy all the joy and peace, think about the solider who gives all his life to bring you this.

So today, I got a little change on my mind, I wanna take part in the army someday, if there is a chance.

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