Duke Yin
Duke Yin



Scene 1 First meet

Scene 2 Mobile

Scene 3 At ANGEL’s house

Scene 4 “That man”

Scene 5 Lose love

Scene 6 Beg for friendship

Scene 7 See off


DUKE, a confused youth

ANGEL, a beautiful beautiful girl

MELODY, a classmate to DUKE

MARY, a friend to MELODY

MIKE, a friend to DUKE

Scene 1 First meet

[MIKE(left) & DUKE(right) are sitting, talking at a table at the center]

MIKE: Hey duke, there is a day I got a message on my mobile, that is so funny… do you know what it is? Haha, it’s a very very funny joke all about…

[a girl(ANGEL) walk though the stage from left to right, DUKE’s eyes fixed on that girl]

MIKE (look at the girl):…oh, I know that girl.

MIKE (Facing DUKE, smile): I’ll help U.

MIKE (get up, run to the girl): Hi ANGEL! Remember me? I am MIKE!

(ANGEL’s face turn puzzled)

MIKE:”MIKE”, I’m MIKE! still can’t remember?

ANGEL: Ah! MIKE! I see, what’s up buddy!

[DUKE is waving his hand to MIKE, ask him to come back]

MIKE: Ah, I’ve got a friend, and he can’t wait to see U… (facing DUKE)see that?

ANGEL: I’m sorry, but I have to…

MIKE: Come on! Don’t make my boy down, okay?

[MIKE pushes ANGEL to the center, facing DUKE]

MIKE: This is my best friend DUKE. This is ANGEL, one of my classmates when I was in senior school.

DUKE (stretched his hand): Hi!

ANGEL (stretched her hand, they wave their hands): Hello.

[All actor freeze, light turn to DUKE]

DUKE(hold his hand in ANGEL’s, face the audience):It is the first time I met this girl, but I suddenly realized: I’ve lost my heart to her, she is my ANGEL.

[All frozen actor move, light all]

DUKE: Can I have your number?

ANGEL: For what?

DUKE: Because I want to see you again.

[All actor freeze, light turn to DUKE]

DUKE: As my perfect skill, the thing goes well, we quickly become close friends, but that– is not enough.

[Lights fade out, ring down the curtain]

Scene2 Mobile

[DUKE & MELODY are playing cards at center, ceiling light on them]

MELODY: How is your girl? That some kind of AN…


MELODY: Yeah, ANGEL, How are things with you two? Did you call her?

DUKE: She asks me not to call her these days around, she is too busy, so I’m waiting for her call.

MELODY: You’d better watch that when a girl say she’s too busy to spend time with U, maybe she is busy doing things with some other guy.

DUKE: No, that’s impossible!  She is different.

MELODY: God knows.


DUKE (whisper): hey, come here…


DUKE (whisper): I’m ganna tell you a secret, Promise, you won’t tell anybody.

MELODY: Our friendship started when we’re both middle school student! How can I betray [bi’trei] you?

DUKE: Okay Okay…Do you know why I love her?

MELODY (sneer): That’s your secret?

MELODY (laugh, then pretend to be puzzled): Let me guess…ah, because she has two big eyes? (large-eyed) …ah, because she has two big ball?( shame-faced)…

DUKE: What a pity…okay, let me tell you! (stand up, face the audience)

[enter ANGEL]

DUKE: I love her, because she is beautiful of course! (Simultaneity, action1 with ANGEL)


DUKE: I love her, because she is lively, she is humor, always makes me feel happy. (Simultaneity, action2 with ANGEL)


DUKE: I love her, because she always cares about me. (Simultaneity, action3 with ANGEL)


DUKE: I love her, because I feel pound to be with her, she never spread herself. (Simultaneity, action4 with ANGEL)


DUKE: I love her, because we’ve both got a dream: travel all around the world! (Simultaneity, action5 with ANGEL)


[exit ANGEL]

DUKE: That’s why I love her so much!

MELODY: I’ll lend support to you, indeed… [For a while] ah, (self-talk) I nearly forget that! (Face DUKE) oh, DUKE, could you go shop with me today? I want to buy some chocolate.

DUKE: Chocolate? For a boy?

MELODY: That’s a secret too, but I’m not gonna tell you.

DUKE: Okay, It seems like our little girl’s got a boyfriend behind everybody’s back.

[DUKE’s mobile&
nbsp;is ringing]

DUKE (excited with looking at the mobile): That’s her!! That’s her!!

MELODY(mute action): Hahahaha…

DUKE: shh…

[DUKE move to the left, light the two sides of the stage]

DUKE (answer the mobile): Hi honey.

[enter ANGEL with her mobile on her hand at right side under a light]

ANGEL: I want to see you DUKE.

DUKE (more excited): Okay! Okay! Where can I find you?

ANGEL: My house should be okay.

DUKE: Fine…so…see you then.

ANGEL: I’m waiting for you, bye bye.

DUKE: Bye bye.

[exit ANGEL, redo light]

DUKE (jump up and down): Hahaha!! I got her! I got her! I said that she will call me! That’s it! You see?

MELODY: Bingo! Now go and find her!

DUKE: Yeah! (move forward, and suddenly realized he forgot something.)

DUKE: …But, your chocolate…

MELODY: It doesn’t matter! We can go and get it at anytime.

DUKE: Oh MELODY! You’re my best friend!

DUKE: Stretch your hands!


DUKE: Come on!

[MELODY & DUKE make a secret action]

DUKE: What I taught you is our private secret, remember not to tell anybody!

DUKE: (run away, shout) wish me luck!

[exit DUKE]

[free light on MELODY]

[music: 98 Degrees – You Don’t Know]

MELODY (sing):

Who could know the emptiness inside

Every time I see your face

Too many feelings left behind

Do you wonder why

I turn away when you look at me

Never wanting your eyes to see

This desperate heart that knows

How perfect we could be

Baby cause you don’t know, how I feel

Living my life without you

Baby and you don’t know what it’s like

Loving you all this time

I’ll give you all my love, heart and soul

Risking it all on a chance

Now when I need you the most, you don’t know.

[Lights fade out, ring down the curtain]

Scene 3 At ANGEL’s house

Tea & coffee

[enter DUKE outside the door, knock on the door]

[enter ANGEL, open the door]

ANGEL: Come in.

DUKE (enter the house):Wow! Nice house!

ANGEL: Thank you. Have a sit please.

DUKE: Okay. (sit on the sofa)

ANGEL: I wanna have some tea, how about you, tea or coffee?

DUKE: Tea! The same as you… I love tea!

[DUKE & ANGEL frozen, enter MELODY]

MELODY (face the audience): He always love coffee, but now… Is there anything love couldn’t do?

[exit MELODY, frozen actor move, ANGEL give a cup of tea, sit beside DUKE with a cup of tea in her hand]

DUKE: Nice tea!

ANGEL: I love that…

DUKE: Love what?

ANGEL: Two of us are sitting here, without saying any words, just together like this.

DUKE: Yeah, maybe lay down on the bed will be much better.

ANGEL: There’s something I wanna tell you, actually, I really busy in these days, I want to call you, but…

DUKE: I understand.

ANGEL: I love you.

DUKE: … (smile) I love you too.

[DUKE want to kiss ANGEL, ANGEL shy away]

ANGEL: No, don’t… (smile embarrassedly)

DUKE: I thought that…

ANGEL: No no, actually I want to keep our friendship at present…

DUKE: But we are friend. In fact I tried to forget the things all about U, but I can’t do it! U drive me crazy. Finally I realized, I love U.

[ANGEL touched DUKE’s face, smile, they’re getting closer…]

[Curtain down, a light behind them, play sexy music]

Scene 4 “That man”

[left, enter DUKE]

DUKE: I spend every night think of her; spend a week finding a present for her. Now I get a present that I’m sure she will like it, I’m going to give her.

[DUKE walk around the stage]

[enter ANGEL & “that man”, they hold each other, talk and laugh]

[DUKE was shocked, the present drop down from his hand]


DUKE: …(turn back, want to walk away)

ANGEL: Wait wait!

[stop DUKE]

ANGEL: I’m so gland to see you here.

DUKE: (sneer) I’m so gland too.

[DUKE picks the present, gives it to ANGEL]

DUKE: That’s for you! I hope u will like it. (turn back)

ANGEL: Wait! I wanna tell you …

DUKE: That’s enough! I was such a fool! I thought we could… Oh, I forget that! I am not a millionaire! I have no money at all…

ANGEL: Shut up! How could you so

impolite to me! We are just friend! I just want to lead a happy life, where is my fault?

DUKE: You are right.. completely… then go and find your happy life!

[DUKE run, exit left]

THAT MAN: Who’s that?

[ANGEL go along, “that man” follow her]

THAT MAN: What does he want?

[exit ANGEL & that man, lights fade out, ring down the curtain]

Scene 5 Lose love

[ceiling light fade in, DUKE sit on the floor alone with some beer]

DUKE: It always goes like this: I walked into my room, and then forgot what to do, what I really want. Sometimes I thought, that’s what my pets’ life should be, that’s how they end up their tragic life.

DUKE: And now she doesn’t love me.

[enter MIKE]

MIKE: Right! She never loved you.

[exit MIKE, enter MELODY]

MELODY: Right! She never loved you.

[exit MELODY, enter MARY]

MARY: Right! She never loved you.

[exit MARY, enter ANGEL]

ANGEL: Right! I don’t love you at all!

[exit ANGEL proudly]

[enter MELODY, sit beside DUKE]

MELODY: Hey guy, what are you doing here?

DUKE: (drink) It’s all over. (Drink again)

MELODY: Don’t drink any more, or you will be drunk!

[DUKE start to cry]

DUKE: (cry) I thought that she is different… (cry hysterically)

MELODY: Don’t change yourself all because a girl, that’s not worth!

[DUKE still cries]

MELODY: Treat your life well, or else you can go to die.

[DUKE still cries]

[MELODY hold him into her arms]

[enter MARY]

MARY (sing):

是傻呢 是笨呢 粗心呢 糊涂呢

你说过你爱我 我没听懂

你走了 我想了 你说的 我懂了


他在的时候 都和你聊他


现在我回想 最珍惜我的



好笑吧 越靠近越看不到

爱你 还好啦还不算太晚


好一千倍 一万倍

MARY (face the audience): Hey duke, you forgot to go buy chocolate with MELODY, remember that? She wants to buy a chocolate for a boy, and the boy is YOU!

[lights fade out, ring down the curtain]

Scene 6 Beg for friendship

[MELODY & DUKE are sitting at the center, enter ANGEL]

ANGEL: Hi!… it’s been such a long time…

DUKE: Yeah.

ANGEL (facing MELODY): hello!

DUKE: I’ve been a little busy these days, then… how about you?

ANGEL: Not bad.


ANGEL: … Er… I want to talk to you.

DUKE: What’s that?

ANGEL (looking at MELODY smile embarrassedly):…

DUKE: Want some coffee?

ANGEL: Er…no!… Thanks!

ANGEL (looking at MELODY again smile embarrassedly):…

MELODY: Ah, I’m going out to see the dog under the tree…

[exit MELODY]

ANGEL: You… disappeared?

DUKE: No, I’ve been right here for always.

ANGEL: I miss you.

DUKE: How does this… you came suddenly then talk to me like this… what…what do you… (smile)… what do you want, ANGEL?

ANGEL: I see… I… I know that you hate me, I just want you to forget the things before, and… I beg you to give us a chance, so that we could be friends again… I understand, really… you…

DUKE: (break her words) ANGEL!   I do not hate you. I’ve never hate you… But I am not a substitute of that man.

ANGEL: I didn’t mean that… I… I hope we could be friends… just like before.

[DUKE look at ANGEL, Silence for a while]

ANGEL: Bye bye.

DUKE: Bye.

[exit ANGEL]

[enter MELODY]

MELODY: You know, I have to leave this place some days later.

DUKE: Why don’t you just stay… here?

MELODY: Is there anything left I should take care of?


MELODY: My train will be leaving tomorrow morning.

DUKE: Then… I’m going to see u off.

[exit MELODY, lights fade out]

Scene 7 See off

[MELODY is standing at the center alone, waiting for DUKE to come.

For about 15 sec.]

DUKE (run from left to the center, shouting): MELODY!

MELODY: I thought you forget it.

DUKE: I said that I’ll be here and see you off.


DUKE: How long do you plan to go?

MELODY: Er, I don’t know.

DUKE: Then take care of yourself.

MELODY: I’ll be missing U.

DUKE: I’ll be missing U too.

MELODY: I gotta go, the train is leaving, and it’s not gonna waiting for anybody.

DUKE: When the train’s gone, it will be back someday.

[MELODY is face DUKE and move back]

DUKE: Take care

[exit DUKE, suddenly he got an idea, then turn back and shouted]


[MELODY back to stage]

DUKE: Let’s do it again.

[MELODY & DUKE make a secret action just like they’ve done before]

[They wave their hands. (sound) the train is leaving]

MELODY [voice]: Treat your life well, or else you can go to die.

[lights fade out, ring down the curtain]


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