Duke Yin
Duke Yin

在网吧一夜之间乱编的一个故事,其实这是帮郭表妹赶的英文作业 –!

I’ve got no idea when I got into Guild and Common Welfare Organization of Kunming, that’s my first experience which give me both excitement and tension.

I am the girl who lived under the wings of my parents, never had a chance to go somewhere alone, never had a chance to work alone, actually I never worked before, but KeukaCollege gave me the chance, the chance to make money all by myself but not by my parents just like before, the chance to make myself better than before, the chance to get memory that I could hardly forgot.

Where there is a will, there is a way, but usually the way is not so easy to go, to fond the Welfare Organization of Kunming is a big problem for me, I am not a Kunminger, the reason I live in this city is my college is here, I’m a student in this city. How can a one-year student get familiar with such a whole city? And the most important thing is, I don’t like go somewhere by bus, actually I don’t like go by any of the transports, I don’t like car, don’t like train, don’t like plane…I feel like halo in these transports, it also makes me don’t like to go out of my dorm, I always live like this: go to the classroom, go to the dinning room, then go to my dorm, then go to classroom… sometimes I feel like I am a little bird which had been locked in the “3 cages”… but there is noting I can do, I want to fly, but my wing is not strong…enough.

I walked on the street alone, ask the way to the Guild and Common Welfare Organization of Kunming, I wouldn’t let any possibility gone, any one who looked like Kunminger will be my guide, I ask them, ask the way to get there, even beg them to lead me there, I walked and walked, walked and walked, whatever happened to me, how much pain I have taken, I don’t care, I only got the faith that I could got there with my excitement and tension, and finally I found it!

I saw the words written on the board, “Guild and Common Welfare Organization of Kunming”, god knows how happy I feel at that moment! I walk to the final, I did it! And that’s all by myself!

The Guild and Common Welfare Organization of Kunming is so far from our college, I thought I have to take bus or a taxi to get there, it’s on “HuangTupo” in Kunming, that’s the opposite of our college.

The surrounding there is very clean, I bet there must lived a group of kind hearted people. And the next day, I proved my guess with my eyes and ears, I finally get on my way!

Hearing that I am a student of Keuka, the manager there showed me a warmly welcome, he said, it’s been a long time since the last visitor visit there, “we always expect a volunteer, a college student like you, could come here and see what you have never ever seen before… I mean ‘the love’, ‘the kind’ and ‘the caring’…” he said, ”the world is full of good people, if there is a people who we called bad, that’s because he or she had not found his way, but he or she is a good one, inside.”

I was new there, everything is so amazing for me. With the curious heart, I visited all around, I just want to find something interesting, but seems like everything is so interesting, that I can’t help myself to get into it.

I fond there is a lot of old people, most of them had white hairs and some of them even had no teeth, I was wondering how can they live here and what would be a day for them here. Also there is a lot of children, some of them are disable, some of them are blind, I couldn’t help myself to be blue, seeing these children are happy doing their game, I was wondering what’s the medicine the Guild and Common Welfare Organization have brought to them?

“I don’t want to call them ‘patients’” said the manager,”they are the weak of the community, they need to be cared, they need someone to give them love, that’s the love which a son should give it to his father, the love which should receive from a family member, the love which a children should receive…but when the son refuse to give the love to his father, family member refuse to pay their duty, what we gonna do to these little an

d old ones? How about the people who once give love and warmth to us when we are young? How about the parents? Think about that!” the manager got a little bit exciting at that moment.

“If no one would give their love, these people could have die on the bed, or even worse dead on the road. We won’t let this happen! We have to save them, save lives! That’s not a little bit thing, that’s all about life and death! If no one dear to give love, why wouldn’t we give our love to them? They need it, and we’re the agency which could give, that’s the meaning of the exist of us.”

“Have you got any problems when you build this agency?” I asked.

“Of course we’ve got… actually we got a lot of problems there, we are ‘walking on the ice’ at that time. The most important thing is we have no money to do what we what to! Money is all we need at the beginning, money could not buy love, but money could buy rice and vegetable, rice and vegetable bring loves, without food, the love will not be love no more, without money, love could not be given! I’m not telling lie, that’s true!”

Of course I believe in that, at this time of the age, money means a lot of things there.

“What we have to do is create a ‘home’ both in the real world and in their heart, we make them believe that they could get what they have got when there is a place called home, make them believe that they are one of the family members of here, in fact they are.”

I moved, the words he said were such sincere, make me more determined that I could do this work well.

The second day, I was send to look after a boy who had autistic.

The boy called “Tiger”, who was shy to do everything. What I have to do is give him water and rice on time everyday, and more, I have to help him get out of his autistic, I have to talk to him whatever there is a respond or not, I have to tell him a story when he went to bed. It seems like that activity is a little bit foolish, I ever bet should I take this mission or not, I am a girl, sometimes I even bet I was autistic, how can I change some one like that?

But I have to try, I know it’s a challenge for me, but that’s interesting, isn’t it? A work without challenge should not be a good work. I got the challenge, and I will make it my opportunity.

Tiger was friendly, but the problem, I can see, is he never talks, never say any words to nobody!

I talked and talked, I tell the funny story, try to make him say something or even make his just smile, I tried every way I know, but I failed, he still keep silence in his own style. I could do nothing but mute and look into his eyes.

He looked at me, with no expressions.

I nearly cried, I swear I can’t move on, I went to the manager’s office, told him what’s the problem I met on tiger.

Manager asked:” You talked to him?”

I answered:” yes?”

The manager said with a deep tone:” no, you don’t… your mouth talked to his ears, but your heart did nothing, and Tiger’s heart received nothing.”

I was about to say:” but how can I use my heart?”

The manager said:” Go Sunny, you will find the way.”

I want to say more, but the manager indicated that I should try again.

Try again, I don’t understand!

Need I? I think the result will not change at all, I am just a student in college, I am not a doctor! I have to go to hospital when I am sick, how can I make this sick tiger get cured, how can I talk to him by my heart?

I was lost.

The day goes by, I’ve done nothing good for Tiger, I tried my best to make him talk, to make him open his mouth, but the fact is, his mouth was stick together, seems like no one could move it.

As time goes by, I nearly lost my patient, I don’t care what he would like to say, or would not like to say. I just take him a good care, treat him as my younger brother, give him a good food to eat, give him candies, give him my smile, and give him all he need…

I thought I won’t change this boy at all, I am a loser.

One day I told him when he is&
nbsp;sitting in the sunshine, “ I was wondering who is your mother, who’s your father? Did they give such a lot of love to you like I do?”

I am not except he would give me any respond, anyway, he always let me down, so I become neglecting the failure.

“My mother…” he said.

I didn’t realize that he said a word. Then I was Shocked.

“Go on…” I said”… your mother what?”

“…My mother… didn’t want me….”he said.


“…My mother…”he’s a little nerves,” she left me here and went away…”

Tiger was crying helplessly.

Suddenly, I don’t know what to do. I was frozen.

Then I hold him into my arms, said:” Tiger don’t cry…don’t cry…your mother will be back someday, she just go out for business, she will be back! She will!”

He cried hardly in my arms, never had been like this.

That day I asked the manager about little Tiger.

Manager said:” He is a child without mother. His mother put him in a box then put the box into a bin, never wanted him to be alive. A kind hearted man got him but didn’t had enough money to bring him up send him here, he was a baby that time.

“He was healthy, the only thing we feel worried about him was, he always keep silence, always watching you. That’s autistic it is.

“He said his mother left him away, I thought the ‘mother’ is the nurse who has left this apartment for another work, and she had ever been Tiger’s nurse.”

It makes me go to a deep thought. I nearly saw tiger’s real mother, who put her son in to a box, and I saw a nurse in a white dress, with a kind smile on her face.

I want to give the real mother a punch, and take the nurse as an angel.

But angel have her wings, some day she will fly away, no body could tell when she will come back. So I feel a little guilty to Tiger, what if the angel never comeback? What if he know about the mother in his eyes was just his nurse?

But there is something should have make me happy, I have changed Tiger, I make him talk! I did it! Even I don’t know what I have done, even if I don’t know whether we had a “heart to heart” communication, I know that, I made a stone talk, I finish the mission impossible.

After that, Tiger talk to me more and more, although the things we talked is completely nothing, but who cares! I cured his autistic, that’s the point.

Tiger said to me:” sis, you’re so beautiful.”

I was surprised, asked:” really?”

Tiger said:” yes, like my mother.”

“Then am I more beautiful than your mother?”

Tiger said without hesitation:” no, my mother is beautiful.”

Sometimes Tiger answered the opposite of what I asked, completely not the point, then he smile, the smile is hard to find out, if you don’t in your attention, you won’t find it, that’s a smile belong to a child who had never had a mother or a father, a family or something like that.

Tiger become more and more active, he like football, I saw that, and I bought him one as a gift.

But obviously he is too young to play that; he can’t even let the ball go. That’s nothing! He really enjoy in it, have his fun in that little football.

Every time I saw him playing happily, with the smile on his face, I was moved, the boy who was playing a ball right there, and a boy who refused to say anything, are they a same boy?

I don’t know how could a community turn a boy in to a sick one, how could a mother let that happen, how a sunny boy miss his mother but will never see her again, how could this sunny boy turns into a monster.

These question was always on my mind, that I can’t put them away. I even questioned myself, should I turn him back?

Perhaps these questions are nothing and the answer will never be found.

I become a sis of Tiger, he like me, said we are also good friends.

Tiger is a happy boy, knows what is the real pain, so he knows what is the real happy, and he will cherish the happiness more.

When I take care of Tiger, I also met some other boys, girls, grannies, grandpas.

A girl without leg always come to see Tiger on her wheelchair, she is Tiger’s friend. I&amp
p;call her little Jasmine. She likes candy, so she got a bad teeth, but she like to smile, and never blue.

Little Jasmine is also a child without home, but unlike Tiger, she’s got a lot of words to say, never stop.

Little Jasmine likes singing and dancing, of course she could only use her hands and body, sometimes she fall to the ground from the wheelchair, all because of “dancing”, she cry, but never last long, when the pain is gone, she will smile again, with the tears on her face.

The song “shining shining little stars” was her favorite, she sing this song with her all body happy, seems like you can see the smiling face from that voice.

I didn’t come to know that this “shining shining little stars” has such a magical power.

Little Jasmine has a very good voice, that the little girl’ style, I feel that I was a little bit old.

And there was a old man called “Uncle Liu”, this man likes Chinese chess, and is a completely chatter, he got a lot of stories to tell, “the Red Army story” “the little Balu” “the powerful General” “the battle hero”…

He was born on that red age, his mind was also build on that age, now when he was old, he saw the changes of the world, he saw the cold and warm of the world, now he tell the stories, I can’t say it is a story or it is his experience. Maybe he was the “the little Balu” or “powerful General” on that age, no one knows.

These a time I try to talk with this old man, but I failed. He always say something else, especially when I’m trying to talk about his family.

There must be something painful, but I don’t want to know, that will hurt this old people.

It’s ward that Tiger and Little Jasmine don’t like Uncle Liu’s story, I ask them, they said:” these always these stories, we heard about millions of times…”

That’s a poor old Uncle Liu.

Another is a granny, who I called “Granny Wang”.

Granny Wang is good at linking, if any one’s got a bad cloth, Granny Wang will make it up.

She’s got good eyes, although she is old. She can make little cloth toy, some children need a toy, there is no need to buy, Granny Wang can make it .

Granny Wang had a husband ever, but he was dead some years ago. Her daughters and sons didn’t want to live with this old lady, so they send her to the Guild and Common Welfare Organization.

Maybe that’s good for her I think, an single old lady in the house must bear more pain and loneliness, somehow there are children, there are old men and women just like her.

That’s better for her.

As the day goes to the end, I have to finish this trip, I feel like l will leave a family, a big big family, but not a organization.

“Mother” of Tiger had just come back, as I promised to Tiger.

The Angel has come back.

Tiger has his own smile on his face, the pure and hearted smile. I should leave; pass my work to the Angel.

The angel was really beautiful, as I thought, she got two big and talking eyes, Tiger was in love with her eyes and never going to cry.

Once I saw the angel hold Tiger in her arm, Tiger closed his eyes with completely trust, and happiness, that’s a mother and her son.

I wish this mother and her tiger will be happy together forever.

Little Jasmine hope that one day she will dress up to a big big stage, and sing the “shining shining little stars” there, secretly she told me that she made a wish at night, she wish that one day she could have her legs back, so that she could dance on the floor.

I said to her confidently:” there will be a day, will be.”

She nodded her head, smile, so beautiful caries.

Uncle Liu still told his old stories, he didn’t care there is an audience or not, he find his joy in it.

Granny Wang begin to love TV show, she become a Korea TV fun, watching TV now and then.

I ‘m going to leave there, the manager said to me:” remember our work, that is…we pass love.”

I said:” Good bye”, but in fact I still can’t stop this emotion, that the big family was there calling me, I was once a part of this family, and now, and forever.


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