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“Lift Me Up” is a song co-written by Darren Hayes, the vocalist for Savage Garden, and producer Rick Nowels. The song was originally offered to the Backstreet Boys for possible inclusion in one of their forthcoming albums at the time. Although the Backstreet Boys did record the song in the studio, it did not make the final cut for inclusion in the album, as they reportedly had dozens of songs to consider.

Lift Me Up 是由野人花园(Savage Garden)的主唱Darren Hayes创作,Rick Nowels制作的歌。这首歌原本是为后街男孩2005年的新专辑”Never Gone”打造,而且后街男孩的确录制了这首歌,但是因为有太多的歌曲要选择,这首歌最终被砍掉而未放入专辑。

Hayes then offered the song to Olivia Newton-John, as he had a contractual agreement with her management to provide songs for her. She accepted to use the song and included it in her album of duets that she was planning, inviting Hayes to record it with her. The Olivia Newton-John/Darren Hayes duo’s recording appears as the second track on her album.

Hayes随后将这首歌转给Olivia Newton-Joh,因为他们有合同约定将会提供歌曲给她,Olivia接受了这首歌并且将歌曲收录在她计划的专辑里,还邀请Hayes和她一起录制,新歌出现在专辑的第二首。

Darren Hayes later recorded a solo version of the song. The Backstreet Boys’ version, despite not being on any of their recordings has appeared online.

Darren Hayes之后又录制了歌曲的独唱版本。尽管“后街男孩”的版本没有正式出现在任何唱片里,但已经在网上疯传。

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